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Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Starts Today – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Square Enix is releasing its popular Final Fantasy XIV MMO on PS5 but before that happens the developer is hosting an open beta where all players can jump in and test out the game. Starting today, the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta is live and available to download. Matt Hilton, director of community at Square Enix shared some thoughts on the experience and what players can expect.

First off, the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta is open to all players and not limited to having an account on the game prior to downloading it. In addition, users can simply download the test without owning the PS4 version. PS5 players will be joining the PS4 servers and everyone will be able to play together regardless of their platform.


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The Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta is a massive chunk of content. According to Square Enix, it includes the base game A Realm Reborn as well as the first expansion pack, Heavensward. This means players can reach up to level 60 and carry their progress over to the full version of the game later. In addition, those who already played the game on PS4 will be able to instantly jump into the PS5 game without losing any progress.

  • New players can enjoy the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 trial for free up to level 60
  • No PlayStation Plus subscription is required for the game at all
  • Once you purchase the full game, you will be required to add game time to Final Fantasy XIV in order to continue playing


Square Enix says that the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta will give players the true “enhanced” experience of the game. This includes three rendering options including a 4K 2160p, WQHD 1440p and HD 1080p mode. Each mode will tweak and adjust the game’s quality to fit your TV and players will notice different graphical presets across these options.

All the modes are designed to run at a higher frame rate with both the HD and WQHD capped at 60FPS and the 4K should sit around 40FPS. Square Enix says that even the most intense scenes will see an improvement over the PS4.

Various aspects of the game will be improved visually thanks to the PS5 enhancements. This includes a new scaled UI which was originally rendered at 720p on the PS4. All the images, text and icons have now been boosted in resolution and quality so players can clearly see what is happening.

Of course, there’s the improved load speed thanks to the PS5 SSD that will allow players to fast travel and move about quicker than ever. Lastly, the DualSense controller also supports the game. Final Fantasy XIV PS5 supports haptic feedback and adaptive triggers so keep a lookout for those features.

The Final Fantasy XIV PS5 open beta will be available to download and test later today. PS4 players can upgrade their game to the PS5 version while they are at it at no additional cost and carry their progress over too. So if you have never played the game before, you can try it now and if you have not played it in a while, you can jump into the PS5 version.

You can head over to the PS Store now and download the game. Click here for the PS5 upgrade package (if you already own the PS4 version) and here if you have never played the game before.

Source: PS Blog

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