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Final Fantasy XVI ‘Ambition’ Trailer Promises Epic Kingdoms and Battles

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI titled ‘Ambition’. The trailer, clocking in at four and a half minutes, delves into the game’s various waring kingdoms and conflicts that seemingly arise from ideological differences surrounding “Dominants” that wield massive power in the world. No release date was given, but it’s still on track to release in summer 2023 exclusively for PS5.

Final Fantasy XVI is the next mainline installment in Square Enix’s long-running Final Fantasy RPG franchise. It’s currently in development at Creative Business Unit III, led by renowned producer Naoki Yoshida. Unlike Final Fantasy XV, this entry will not use an open-world and instead opt for various segmented biomes (that take the shape of kingdoms) for players to explore. Summons are now central to the game’s plot, referred to as Eikons.

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The description provided by Square Enix in the game’s new trailer reads:

“Who shall claim their fading light? From a single spark, will the land ignite. A new shadow rises to fall upon the Dominants, painting their destinies black as night. It has been fifteen hundred years since the fall of our forebears, and Valisthea has been slowly dying ever since. Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, the Mothers’ flame now all but a flicker. And as the fringes fade, the people flock to the Mothercrystals.”

According to game director Hiroshi Takai, Final Fantasy XVI is close to complete and is currently being polished. “The team has turned its full attention to debugging and final adjustments,” said Takai. “Now that things are starting to come together, the game is sizing up to be something truly special.”

Square Enix is currently aiming to release the game next summer, which puts its release somewhere in mid-2023.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development exclusively for PS5. Check out the latest ‘Ambition’ trailer below.

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