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Final Fantasy XVI Devs Reveal Their 3 Favourite Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy XVI is set to launch next week and fans have already received a taste of what’s to come with the demo currently available on PS5. Developer Creative Business Unit III and Square Enix has been ramping up the marketing with new trailers but some key developers behind the game have now also revealed their top 3 favourite Final Fantasy games – and humbly, the answers were pretty great.

Final Fantasy XVI director Hiroshi Takai revealed that his top 3 favourite Final Fantasy games were Final Fantasy V, VI and X. According to Takai, the fifth game was the first one he worked on as a game developer and praised the game’s battle system.

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Creative director Kazutoyo Mehiro also chose Final Fantasy V in his top 3 along with Tactics and XII. Mehiro also praised V‘s battle system which he considered was inspiring for the rest of the series. Combat director Ryota Suzuki, best known for developing the combat in Devil May Cry 5, listed Final Fantasy III, V and X as his top 3 favourites, stating that the third game was his favourite because it encouraged him to play more RPGs and also praised its job system which allowed jobs to be changed for the first time.

Other developers were also questioned about which Final Fantasy games were their favourite. Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed Final Fantasy I, III and VII were his favourites, while art director Hiroshi Minagawa decided on Final Fantasy III, V and XII. Localisation director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox chose Final Fantasy V, XI and XIV. It seems like the fifth game was the popular consensus among the developers.

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Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 exclusively for PS5.

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    My personal favorite Final Fantasy has always been Final Fantasy 8.

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