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Final Fantasy XVI DLC is on The Table Says Producer

Final Fantasy XVI recently launched to positive reviews and sold 3 million copies in its first week, making it one of the most successful games in the series in terms of critical and commercial reception. While developer Creative Business Unit III originally envisioned the game to be a complete package with a definitive end, it looks like the team is now open to exploring potential DLC following its success.

During an interview with GamerBraves, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida spoke about the game being a complete story but after seeing the positive reception for the title after launch, it sounds like plans may have changed and now the developers are exploring DLC options.

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Yoshida’s full quote on Final Fantasy XVI getting DLC reads:

“As you know, going into Final Fantasy XVI, the one thing we wanted was to create a full complete story, something that you can enjoy beginning to end 100% without any DLC, and I think we were able to do that. But now we understand we’re getting feedback from players that have played the game and a lot of players want to see more, and we know that and understand that. For us, we’re taking that and then thinking about our options moving forward so hopefully in the near future we can have something that we can give to you all.”

We’ll be discussing MASSIVE SPOILERS for the ending of Final Fantasy XVI from this point forward.

Final Fantasy XVI‘s climactic ending was, for the most part, pretty ambiguous. After defeating Ultima, it’s unclear what Clive and Joshua’s fates were in the end. It led to plenty of speculation and fan theories online but we don’t have all the answers yet. However, DLC could change that and give us a more definitive conclusion as well as explain the mysterious presence of a frozen tidal wave off the coast of Valisthea, which many fans think could be linked to the “lost” Eikon, Leviathan.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available for PS5.

Source: GamerBraves

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