Final Fantasy XVI Side Quests All Bark Playthings Shocking

Final Fantasy XVI – Don’t Skip These Two Shocking Side Quests

Final Fantasy XVI released last week and many players have already encountered some of the game’s numerous side quests while out in the semi-open world zones of Valisthea. A lot of world-building is constantly happening when you speak to the various NPCs scattered throughout the land. However, two shocking side quests in particular – titled “All Bark” and “Playthings” – are ones you don’t want to miss if you want to understand the extent of the plight that the Bearers have gone through.

Bearers in Final Fantasy XVI are individuals who possess the ability to use magic without the assistance of the Mothercrystals. It’s widely believed that they have crystals within them which gives them this power. As a result, some residents of Valisthea have branded Bearers as a threat and relegated them to being slaves or tools of war and murder, marked with a distinct tattoo on their face. It’s quite dehumanising and we don’t really understand just how badly they’re treated until we hit a certain point in the story.

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To start the “All Bark” and “Playthings” side quests, you have to progress the story to the main quest “Righting Wrongs” when you reach the outskirts of Moore. With the backdrop of the holy capital of Oriflamme providing some jaw-dropping vistas, the land below is anything but beautiful. As soon as you arrive in the open area of Moore (assuming you’ve already taken on some tasks for The Dame), you’ll be greeted to two side quests in relatively close distance to one another.

Final Fantasy XVI Side Quests All Bark Playthings Shocking

As a quick disclaimer, we’re going to walk you through the two side quests so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t continue reading.

“All Bark” starts off like your usual Final Fantasy side quest in which you have to rescue a boy from being mauled by a wolf. After you save the boy, he quickly turns on you and tells you that you’re not supposed to kill the wolf. Instead, the boy and his father (the quest-giver) have taken part in a sadistic ploy where Bearers are sent to “rescue” the boy but are then brutally killed by the wolf as they find joy in seeing Bearers suffer.

Since you’re protagonist Clive Rosfield, you make short work of the wolf and it doesn’t seem like their cruel plans go accordingly. After giving their previous victims a proper burial, Clive hears off in the distance that the boy and his father have captured another, more ferocious wolf – who then proceeds to kill them and drag their bodies away.

“Playthings” tasks you with helping a little girl find her lost pet who had run off in the fields nearby. At first, it seems innocent enough. You’re just helping a girl find her lost dog or animal. That is, until you come across the dead body of another girl – a Bearer – nearby and things finally click. Showing no remorse for the death of her “pet”, the girl says she’ll simply have to get another one. Clive gives her a stern talking to which helps her realise that Bearers are human too and aren’t just slaves or toys.

Both side quests are short but executed phenomenally with heart-wrenching looks into the mistreatment of Bearers. They rank among some of the best side quests that Final Fantasy XVI has to offer and should not be skipped.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available for PS5.

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