Final Fantasy XVI How Long Does it Take to Beat Main Story Side Quests

Final Fantasy XVI – How Long Does it Take to Beat?

Final Fantasy XVI has finally released and judging by early reviews, it looks to be a splendid cinematic journey. If you’re one of the players hopping into the game today, you might be wondering how long it will take to clear the main story plus side quests for completionists. Here’s how long it will take to beat the game.

The following information was compiled from various media outlets who have reported their total playtimes on Final Fantasy XVI thus far. These estimated numbers are based on those reports. According to sources, the estimated total time it will take to beat the game’s main story is around 35-40 hours. This includes the main dungeons and Eikon battles experienced as part of the main story as well as some lengthy cinematics. Main quests appear as red markers on the map.

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Side quests in Final Fantasy XVI, which appear as green markers on the map, will add a significant amount of time to your playthrough if you’re aiming to complete everything that the game has to offer. If you tackle all the main and side quests, it will take you roughly 50-55 hours to complete, which is on par for a modern Final Fantasy game and most RPGs on the market.

Another set of objectives to take on in Final Fantasy XVI are the Hunt Board missions. These are specific, optional boss fights than you can encounter in the open areas of the game and require you to defeat certain targets. Some are tied to side quests but most can be done as standalone missions. Including the Hunt Board to the list of main and side quests, Final Fantasy XVI‘s total playtime then clocks in at around 60 hours.

For completionists, this will require you to tackle Final Fantasy XVI‘s additional challenging content including Arcade Mode, Chronolith battles and New Game+ which includes tougher enemies, extra fights and new combat mechanics. Adding this to the aforementioned activities, you’re looking at a total playtime upwards of 80 hours to beat everything that the game has to offer.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available on PS5.

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