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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Upgrade Your Inventory Space

Final Fantasy XVI is out this week and players are quickly hopping into the anticipated action-RPG to experience the latest entry in Square Enix’s legendary franchise. Most mechanics in the game are explained pretty well, though some aren’t exactly clear from the get-go. One of those is your limited inventory space in the initial hours. If you’re looking to expand and upgrade your inventory, here’s a quick guide on how to go about that.

At the start of Final Fantasy XVI, you’ll notice that your inventory space is limited to handling only a few potions and items that could prove useful in tough battles. If you try to pick up any additional potions while your inventory is already full, for example, it automatically uses up one potion in your inventory. If you want more than just 4 potions or 3 high potions (along with Stoneskin and Strength Tonic), you’ll first have to reach the game’s central hub area called the Hideaway.

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To upgrade your inventory for the first time, you’ll need to speak to the NPC named Owain in the Hideaway and complete the side quest called “Weird Science.” However, this side quest won’t be available to you until you’ve progressed the main story up until the main quest “Out of the Shadow.” Owain’s location is also locked until you meet another NPC named Mid who will unlock Mid’s Dungeon, where you’ll find Owain.

Owain will ask you to collect bomb ash for one of his inventions, so your first course of action is to slay a Bomb King. This enemy can be found in The Crock in Sanbreque, accessed by the path southeast of The Dragon’s Aery. The location will also be marked on your map. Once you’ve killed the Bomb King, take three bomb ashes back to Owain where your inventory space will be expanded to now hold 6 Potions, 4 High Potions, 3 Stoneskin Tonic and 3 Strength Tonic.

The second inventory upgrade will only come at a later stage once you’ve progressed the main story up until the main quest “Across the Narrow.” Speak to Owain to tackle a new side quest called “Even Weirder Science” that tasks you with collecting three spherical echoes. The locations of each echo will also be marked on the map. The first, Lostplume, can be found near Rosaria’s Auldhyl Docks. The second, Advent, can be found in Sanbreque near Northreach. The third, Silent Slough, can be found in the Dhalmekian Republic near Krozjit Echoes.

Return to Owain will all three echoes and you’ll receive another inventory upgrade to hold 8 Potions, 5 High Potions, 4 Stoneskin Tonic and 4 Strength Tonic.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available on PS5.

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  • Nikki_boagreis 23 June 2023

    Didn’t even realize that upgrading inventory space was possible in Final Fantasy 16, i’ve had that happen when finding a potion when it automatically uses it.

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