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Final Fantasy XVI is Exclusive to PS5 for Only Six Months

A new Sony marketing video has claimed that Final Fantasy XVI will only be exclusive to PS5 for six months. Thereafter, it will likely arrive on PC in 2024 once it launches in summer 2023. Square Enix has a good working relationship with Sony, it seems, as several titles including Final Fantasy VII Remake, its sequel and Forspoken are all PlayStation console exclusives.

A new marketing video published by Sony today came with a disclaimer when showing footage of the JRPG: “Final Fantasy XVI is anticipated summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for six months.” A PC release is possible after these six months, though it’s unknown if it will ever release on Xbox platforms. Square Enix has yet to comment on the recent revelations.

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The last Final Fantasy game (not counting Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin) to receive a multiplatform release was Final Fantasy XV, which launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC back in 2016. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is also expected to be a multiplatform release. However, Final Fantasy VII Remake – as well as its upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – and Final Fantasy XVI are all PlayStation console exclusives, though also available on PC.

It’s possible that Sony may have made a mistake with the exact timed exclusivity of Final Fantasy XVI in the new marketing video, but this is unlikely. The PC release will soon follow, according to the video, six months after launch so it won’t stay exclusive to PS5 for too long.

Final Fantasy XVI is the sixteenth mainline installment in the long-running JRPG series. It’s being developed by Creative Business Unit III at Square Enix, led by producer Naoki Yoshida, who recently confirmed that the game will receive a playable demo before launch. A release date may also be announced before the end of the year.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PS5 and launches in summer 2023.

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