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Final Fantasy XVI PC Port is Still Coming But it Will Take Some Time

Final Fantasy XVI launches on PS5 this week but PC players won’t be able to enjoy the game for a while. Square Enix has now confirmed that a PC port is still coming but it may take some time to develop. On the bright side, the game’s producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida has left the PC crowd with some good news.

Speaking in the recent Final Fantasy 35th anniversary livestream, Yoshida commented on the Final Fantasy XVI PC port. The producer stated that the team would stilll like to work on a PC version of the anticipated RPG but Square Enix wants to “create an experience with seamless loading”, making PS5 its priority platform. As a result, the team didn’t have enough time to properly optimise the game for PC and it will take some time to do so.

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Yoshida added that when the time comes, Square Enix will talk more about the PC port. For now, the only way to play Final Fantasy XVI is on PS5.

The official story description for Final Fantasy XVI reads:

“The sun is setting upon the land of Valisthea. For centuries, people have flocked to her Mothercrystals to partake of their blessing—the abundant aether that fuels the magicks they rely upon in their everyday lives. As the aether begins to fade and the lifeless deadlands spread ever further, so too does the struggle for possession of the final flickers of the Mothers’ light grow ever more fierce. Yet amidst the gathering storm, there are those who believe that the legacy of the crystals has shaped mankind’s destiny for long enough.”

Fans have been enjoying a PS5 demo of the game leading up to its release. If you’d like to read our thoughts on the demo, head over here.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 for PS5.

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