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Final Fantasy XVI Producer Denies PC Port Coming After 6 Months

Sony previously released marketing that suggested Final Fantasy XVI would be a timed exclusive to PS5 for only six months, but producer Naoki Yoshida says this isn’t the case. The highly anticipated RPG from Square Enix will seemingly not hit PC as many thought it would, but other official sources state otherwise.

Yoshida recently commented on a possible PC version of Final Fantasy XVI, specifically addressing the talk surrounding it. Interestingly, the reveal trailer for the game (posted by PlayStation) originally listed that it would also be coming to PC, though it was never mentioned again in subsequent trailers until a PS5 marketing reel that stated the game would be console exclusive for six months.

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Yoshida’s messaging here seems to contradict PlayStation and Square Enix which previously stated that a PC port would be available for Final Fantasy XVI, though this is what he had to say:

“Nobody said a word about a PC version releasing. Why is it like a PC version is releasing 6 months later? Don’t worry about that, buy a PS5! (laughs) Sorry, I went overboard. We did our best so please look forward to it.”

It sounds like Yoshida may have his hands tied and won’t (or can’t) talk about any other port of Final Fantasy XVI besides the PS5 version at the moment. In our opinion, it’s highly likely that we’ll get a PC port of the game at some point. PlayStation seems to have erased any mentions of the game coming to PC since the reveal trailer, possibly due to Sony having the rights to market it solely as a PS5 exclusive for now (similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake, which inevitably came to PC too).

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development and launches on 22 June 2023 for PS5.

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