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Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Seemingly Leaked

The release date for Final Fantasy XVI has seemingly leaked. According to a popular leaker on Twitter, the anticipated upcoming JRPG from Square Enix has a release date of 22 June 2023, which lines up with its summer 2023 release window plans. This comes in light of The Game Awards where the game is potentially being showcased as a ‘special live presentation’ from producer Naoki Yoshida.

Twitter leaker The Snitch, who has a great track record for accurate leaks, posted a cryptic poem on Twitter recently. However, it’s easy to pick up clues in the poem that reference Final Fantasy XVI, including the mention of crystals and six nations.

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The Snitch’s poem goes a bit deeper than that as it mentions 22 grains of sand and 6 nations, which could point to a release date of 22/6 or 22 June 2023. Before this is discredited, though, it’s worth mentioning that The Snitch is believed to be someone with vast knowledge of upcoming events and games, either a YouTube employee who has access to trailers before they’re live or otherwise.

News surrounding Final Fantasy XVI has been ramping up over the past week. Pre-orders will reportedly go live on the date of The Game Awards, which suggests that we’ll be getting a release date at the event. To add more fuel to the fire, producer Naoki Yoshida is attending the awards ceremony with a special presentation that’s likely to be a trailer for Final Fantasy XVI‘s release date. A recent rating in Brazil also revealed that the game will be much darker than we thought, featuring hate crimes, prostitution and drug use.

The world of Final Fantasy XVI is described as:

“The land of Valisthea is studded with Mothercrystals—glittering mountains of crystal that tower over the realms around them, blessing them with aether. For generations, people have flocked to these beacons to take advantage of their blessing, using the aether to conjure magicks that let them live lives of comfort and plenty. Great powers have grown up around each Mothercrystal, and an uneasy peace has long reigned between them. Yet now the peace falters as the spread of the Blight threatens to destroy their dominions.”

Final Fantasy XVI releases sometime in 2023 exclusively for PS5. If this date is to be believed, then it will launch on 22 June 2023.

Source: The Snitch

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