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Final Fantasy XVI Reportedly Coming to Xbox Series X/S

Final Fantasy XVI is reportedly coming to Xbox Series X/S. This is according to Xbox Era podcast host Shpeshal Nick, who says his source that correctly revealed to him that Visions of Mana would appear at the Xbox Developer Direct told him the same information. We know that Square Enix is officially working on a PC port, though this is the first time that we’ve heard about it going to Xbox as well.

Speaking in a recent podcast episode, Shpeshal Nick, who has a mostly solid track record of industry information and leaks, revealed that Final Fantasy XVI is being ported to Xbox Series X/S in addition to PC. Nick also addressed an older leak about Visions of Mana, saying he was misquoted about the game “setting the internet on fire” when it was shown at this month’s Developer Direct. The words weren’t actually spoken by Nick but by another co-host.

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It makes sense that Final Fantasy XVI would eventually come to Xbox. All the mainline games in the series, including Final Fantasy XV, have been multiplatform releases. The Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy might be the only series that’s exclusive to PlayStation, though the details about its exclusivity deal with Sony are still unknown. Final Fantasy XVI was a six-month timed exclusive on PlayStation when it launched on PS5 last year, which was clearly specified in a November 2022 trailer.

Nick didn’t state exactly when we can expect Final Fantasy XVI to arrive on Xbox, though it’s believed that it will launch on other platforms before the end of the year. As with all rumours and reports, take this with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation directly from Square Enix or Microsoft. It’s possible that an announcement could be made at Xbox’s annual summer showcase.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available for PS5.

Source: Spheshal Nick (via Reddit)

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