Final Fantasy XVI 11 Hours of Cinematic Cutscenes
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Final Fantasy XVI Will Feature Over 11 Hours of Cutscenes

Square Enix has been ramping up the marketing of Final Fantasy XVI ahead of its release this June, releasing early previews and gameplay as well as the announcement of a demo that will arrive two weeks before launch. During the interviews making the rounds online from media outlets, the game’s producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida stated that the team wanted to tell a story that felt complete, hence the addition of over 11 hours of cinematic cutscenes.

Yoshida gave media a briefing before the recent Final Fantasy XVI previews, confirming that the game will be highly ambitious and have a larger cinematic flare than previous Final Fantasy games. According to the producer, players can expect to sink their teeth into over 11 hours of cutscenes when the game launches this June.

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Yoshida’s full statement on Final Fantasy XVI‘s massive number of cutscenes reads:

“One thing that was important to us, though, was to tell a story that was complete, from beginning to end, and at that we think we have succeeded. To facilitate this, there are over 11 hours of cinematic cutscenes in the main scenario alone, all seamlessly interwoven into the game experience, playing in-engine in real-time.”

Everything revealed about Final Fantasy XVI so far suggests that it will be quite a cinematic experience for players, not just in its story-driven cutscenes but also the quality of its large-scaled kaiju-like battles between Eikons which promises epic clashes between Summons.

11 hours of cinematics isn’t completely unheard of in the gaming world. Anyone who has played a game by Hideo Kojima will certainly be familiar with lengthy cutscenes. The Final Fantasy franchise is also known to have plenty of well-crafted cutscenes which only improved in quality since Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PS5 and launches on 22 June 2023.

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