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Final Fantasy XVI Will Take 80 Hours to Complete Everything

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most anticipated games releasing this year and publisher Square Enix is slowly trickling information about the action-RPG to get fans excited. Like most Final Fantasy games which usually span dozens of hours, Final Fantasy XVI will apparently take nearly 80 hours to complete everything it has to offer.

During a recent interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, Final Fantasy XVI director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida spoke about the game’s length and how much time players will need to sink into the experience for that 100% completion rate. According to the duo, the base game can be finished in 35 hours but it will take double that to get through everything. “You’ll see the entirety of Clive’s way of life, and the game will probably take about 35 hours to clear,” said Takai. “If we include side content, it can be double that amount.”

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Square Enix noted that it’s aware of people’s busy time schedules and didn’t want to make a game that took too long to beat. During Final Fantasy XVI‘s development, Yoshida aimed to make the story 20 hours long but more content kept being added. He stated:

“When the game development was just starting out, I had the idea in mind that gamers these days are really busy with other things, so I wanted them to be able to at least aim to complete the story. I thought making the game something you can complete in about 20 hours would make sense, but more and more just got packed in. Not only that, but we also included an insanely difficult New Game Plus mode that allows you to carry over all your stats called the ‘Final Fantasy Mode.’ That’ll probably add even more gameplay hours.”

If you’re looking to explore the game through to 100% completion, be ready to drop several hours into exploring, collecting and tackling its more difficult New Game Plus mode.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 for PS5.

Source: Famitsu (via Twitter)

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