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Final Fantasy XVI Will Use British English Instead of American Accents

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most anticipated upcoming PS5 games, a fresh new entry in Square Enix’s legendary JRPG franchise. We recently got a few new bits of information about the game thanks to an interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, who revealed that the game will stick to its Medieval Europe setting and adopt British English instead of using American accents.

Speaking to Dengeki Online (translation via Twitter user aitaikimochi), Yoshida-san spoke about using British English for Final Fantasy XVI as that best suited the game’s Medieval European setting. This was also done to prevent any confusion about why characters would speak in American English given the location.

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Yoshida-san’s full statement on the matter reads:

“I think what we equate as ‘Medieval fantasy = Europe’ would probably be best represented by The Lord of the Rings. We made sure not to include any American accents. We decided to do this to prevent Americans from playing the game and getting mad by saying something like, ‘I was looking forward to playing a game set in fantasy medieval Europe, but why are they speaking American English!?’ To prevent this, we made sure all the dialogue was recorded using British English.”

Final Fantasy XVI is not the only Final Fantasy project currently in the works at Square Enix. The company recently revealed both Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake which will encompass a trilogy, as well as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a remake of the beloved PSP title featuring Zack Fair.

Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but it does have a release window of summer 2023. The game will come exclusively to PS5, though it’s unclear if it will be a timed exclusive deal like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Source: Dengeki Online

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