Firefox Monitor Launches New Service that Alerts Users About Data Breaches
Firefox Monitor
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Last night, Firefox launched their new, free service called Firefox Monitor. It notifies users when they’ve been part of a data breach, and is in partnership with It’s an excellent new service from Firefox you can try out right now.

Firefox Monitor

Last year, Firefox announced the upcoming service, and it is now fully functional, and very easy to use. To subscribe, you simply sign up for the service on the new Firefox Monitor website here. You can also run a quick scan on your email address to see if it has been in a data breach since use.

The quick scan shows that my primary email address was involved in both a Dropbox and Disqus breach on 01 July 2012.

  • Dropbox: Breach date July 1, 2012. Compromised accounts – 68,648,009 Compromised data; Email addresses, Passwords
  • Disqus: Breach date July 1, 2012. Compromised accounts – 17,551,044 Compromised data; Email addresses, Passwords, Usernames

After the scan, Firefox also gives a few basic instructions on how to better secure your details. These involve changing your email password, using stronger passwords and passwords managers.

Firefox Monitor will also notify users the moment they learn about new data breaches. If your email address was compromised, then you will receive an email from Firefox, warning you about the breach. Firefox also plans to roll out more services to help its users stay safe online. These include tools to arm and protect people’s rights online.

Earlier this month, we talked about how Windows 10 latest test build warns users not to install other browsers. In that same article, we listed 2018’s top web browsers according to a report by Digital Trends. Chrome was hailed as the golden standard, with Firefox coming in at second place.






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