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First April PlayStation Plus Game Revealed – Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker will be coming to PlayStation Plus on day one as part of April’s lineup. The game was announced as a day-one PlayStation Plus release on the PlayStation Blog for both PS4 and PS5. At launch, it will also arrive on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Meet Your Maker has been developed by Behaviour Interactive. The studio is also well-known for its work on the horror game Dead By Daylight. Meet Your Maker is set in a sci-fi world where players are tasked to harvest a rare material called GenMat.

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The game revolves around two modes. You either play as the player who needs to build outposts and decorate them with hazards and traps, or the enemy player who enters the outpost and tries to avoid the deadly hazards placed around it.

The main goal of Meet Your Maker is to either defeat the invading player with traps before they get to the stash and steal the GenMat or as the other player, get in and steal the stash.

Bases built by players live on a server all the time and can be tweaked in order to change the layout and design in order to prevent new players from successfully stealing the stash. Invading players need to then infiltrate these bases either in solo on co-op modes and extract the stash without dying.

There is a range of approaches you can take when building these bases. You can create huge mazes which send invaders on a wild goose chase to find the right path. You can also litter your base with traps at every turn making it somewhat impossible for the invading players to get around without dying.

Invading players are equipped with weapons to help fend off creatures placed throughout these labyrinths too.

Meet Your Maker will release on PlayStation Plus on 4 April for PS4 and PS5. The game is part of the Essentials lineup.

Watch the trailer down below and find out more about the game on the PlayStation Blog here.

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