First NVIDIA Geforce RTX 4090 and 4090 Ti GPUs Spotted Online
"The card requires two external power cables"
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The NVIDIA RTX 30 series has not even been out for a year yet and it seems the company is already planning on releasing the 40 series. In a new YouTube video by Captains Workspace, both the NVIDIA RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Ti have been spotted running some benchmarks with more than double the performance boost on the RTX 4090 compared to the RTX 3090.

Captain Workspace claims that the new NVIDIA RTX 4090 come with incredibly powerful specs including 18,000 CUDA Cores, 232 RT Cores, 2,169MHz Boost Clock, 48GB of VRAM and is all power by its own two power cables. This is most likely to avoid gamers having to upgrade their power supply units in order to power the new beastly GPUs.


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The card is quite big. It has been designed to stand outside of a case instead of the previous models which slotted into a PC case. User will have to completely dismantle their PCs in order to accommodate the new GPU. Gone are PC cases, welcome to the age of the PC desk. Before you know it, you will need a desk for your screen and a desk for your PC. Imagine the RGB possibilities?

Speaking of RGB, the card includes it across both the NVIDIA logo and the RTX 4090 etchings. It also packs 12 fans that are vital in order to keep the card from overheating. The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti includes 32 fans. The YouTuber is also seen taping the card down during tests. Clearly, his PC desk is not equipped to support a card with so many fans as it began to lift off of the table. It also sucked up a tin of soda. Users will want to avoid leaving items near the fans when gaming.

Captains Workspace makes use of the benchmark software Bunghollo Marks to run the performance tests and the RTX 4090 hits as high as 23200FPS at its peak but drops to 3FPS when your mom appears on the screen. Strange why this would happen.

There’s no word on pricing yet but the card will most likely require some sort of finance plan. Similar to how you would usually purchase a car. Take a look a the full video down below where Captains Workspace puts the NVIDIA RTX 4090 and 4090 Ti to the test.

Disclaimer –  It is April Fools and while the world is still in turmoil and I did not want to share anything today, this video is amazing and everyone should watch it. Well done to the team behind it. Make sure you show them some love. You can find him on Facebook here

Image Credit: Captains Workspace Facebook






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