First Project Resistance Gameplay Revealed Alongside Closed Beta Dates

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First Project Resistance Gameplay Revealed Alongside Closed Beta Dates

The new game in the Resident Evil universe from Capcom, Project Resistance, is looking great and now, we’ve had our first look at Project Resistance gameplay at TGS 2019. As many could have probably guessed, the game is indeed an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror title where four players control survivors while another controls the Mastermind, a director of a top-secret experiment on the outskirts of Racoon City.

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Capcom showed off the first Project Resistance gameplay and the RE Engine just shines as the game looks gorgeous. From the trailer embedded at the bottom of this article, we’ve learned quite a lot about the upcoming multiplayer survival horror title set in the Resident Evil universe.

Players will have to work together to escape the facility and you can see a lot of gore that the RE Engine does so well, as well as a creepy atmosphere as they race against the clock to escape. Each survivor will have unique skills. We have Tyrone, who functions as a tank class, taking reduced damage. We have Valerie, who can heal other survivors. Then, there’s Samuel, who uses powerful melee attacks and finally, there’s January, a hacker who can, for example, disable security cameras, making the job of the Mastermind more difficult.

There will be multiple areas that survivors need to escape from before the timer ticks to zero and the Mastermind stands in their way. The Mastermind, which is also player-controlled, can lay traps, place creatures, turn off the lights at vital moments, lock doors down, control weapons mounted on cameras and even control zombies directly, including the ultimate weapon, the Tyrant, aka Mr X.

If the Project Resistance gameplay revealed at TGS 2019 has got you hyped, then you will be happy to know that a Closed Beta will be running fro 4 to 7 October 2019. However, it is reportedly only open to RE Ambassadors and Xbox Insider Program members. You can sign up for the Closed Beta from now until 18 September for a shot at getting in on the game’s official website.

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What do you think about the Project Resistance gameplay shown off by Capcom at TGS 2019? Check it out below and then let us know in the comment section.

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