First PS5 Die Photo Shows Off Console SoC in Superb Detail and Confirms no Infinity Cache
"Both the PS5 and Xbox Series don't include Infinity Cache after all"
PS5 Die Photo PlayStation 5 SoC Infinity Cache
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The first close-up die shot of the PS5 chipset has been released online. The photo was taken by Twitter user Fritzchens Fritz who is known for taking high-detailed, close-up shots of chipsets. Anyone who loves looking at tech and all the tiny little things take makes a chipset work will love gazing at these photos.


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One thing users instantly spotted on the PS5 SoC is the lack of Infinity Cache. Many believed that the SoC would include AMD’s fancy cache method which the company introduced on its RDNA 2 chipsets including the RX 6000. This cache technology includes a 128MB storage facility which allowed for high-bandwidth performance at low power and latency.

Users are now claiming that the PS5 SoC is not even a full Zen 2 chip as it lacks most of the FPU parts. This does make sense given that the chipset was designed in part with Sony and AMD. However, most tech analysts and YouTubers believed that the console included the Infinity Cache system to the point where it was hyped up as a feature. That is not actually the case.

Still, Sony’s system architect-engineer Mark Cerny did not confirm this feature either so it makes sense that it is missing from the SoC in the end. User Locuza, who is well-trained in SoC and its architecture, broke down the image and explained what users are looking at when they see the black and white high-res photos. He says that Sony cut down the 256-bit FP pipes to 128-bit. He also confirmed that there’s no Infinity Cache on the chip, just like the Xbox Series consoles.

The source who uploaded the first images states that more detailed images will be uploaded soon. This will further elaborate on Sony’s design for the chipset and reveal how the technology works in relation to its sub-arrays.

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