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First PS5 Slim Image Leaks With Potential Details – Report

The first image of the PS5 Slim model has seemingly leaked online. The updated model of Sony’s current-gen hardware has been discussed in several rumours and reports over the past couple of weeks and now it looks like we finally have a good idea of what it might look like.

The leaked PS5 Slim image originates from Twitter user Gust_FAN. While the image isn’t high-quality and doesn’t show the bottom of the console, it certainly resembles an updated version of the current PS5 model, albeit with some notable changes. The inner black section appears to be curved inwards and it’s accompanied by two slits on each side of the case.

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The first details of the PS5 Slim also leaked earlier this week by an independent PS4 and PS5 software developer and reverse engineer, BwE_Dev, which lines up with this leaked design. The developer has since stated that the recently leaked image is real and also claims to have a video of it. In their Twitter thread, they state that it’s only about 5cm shorter than the original PS5 but not much thinner. Smaller vents are present along the side the “weird curve” in the middle.

Additionally, it may also contain a Dual USB-C on the front of the console with PlayStation’s symbols embossed on the rear. However, other reports suggest that it won’t be a “Slim” but rather an updated model of the console.

Have a look at the alleged leaked image of the PS5 “Slim” below:

PS5 Slim First Image Leaked Details

In terms of design, it’s not a major departure from the original PS5, though it’s a bit concerning that the console apparently won’t be any “slimmer” than the base console apart from just being a few centimeters shorter (we can’t know its official title yet until we get some more details from PlayStation). The slits on the side of the case does seem to imply that, much like the base PS4, users will be able to more easily clip and slide the plates off to get access to the hard drive.

We’ll just have to wait for an official confirmation from Sony to see if these leaks turn out to be legitimate. Take it with a pinch of salt for now, though.

Source: Gust_FAN

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