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First ‘Real’ Diablo 4 Patch Coming Soon and It’s Massive

Blizzard Entertainment has mentioned that Diablo 4 is about to receive its first ‘real patch’, a massive update that clocks in at 13 pages and counting. Diablo 4 launched on 6 June (or 2 June for early access players) to mostly positive reviews though it has since been criticised for its numerous server and connectivity issues, with many players experiencing rubber-banding, lag, frequent disconnects and more. A new patch potentially aims to address those problems and then some.

Speaking on the recent Diablo 4 Campfire Chat, Blizzard stated that it’s currently working on a massive patch for the game set to arrive soon. Franchise general manager Rod Fergusson presented a physical document containing all the patch notes but stated that it won’t be released to the public until the update goes live. Taking Fergusson’s word for it, the patch notes will be around 13 pages long and is still being updated.

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Fergusson commented during the Campire Chat:

“We already have a big ‘real patch’ coming, and so that’s something that’s gone through certification. It’s out there. It’s going to address a lot of things, including performance issues. And it’s so big, we’re actually talking about there’s the potential we may actually choose to have a maintenance window and say, ‘Y’know, we’re going to bring the whole game down, we’re gonna apply this big patch, and then we’re going to bring it all back up’.”

It’s possible that when this update goes live, Diablo 4 will be brought offline for a while as Blizzard implements the new patch, then brought back up once it’s out in the wild. Community manager Adam Fletcher chipped in and stated:

“In fact, we have been working on a pretty large client patch. It’s very chonky… that addresses a lot of things, and this right here (shows document) is actually, it’s 13 pages but it’s not even done yet. But it is just an early preview of kind of what we’re putting together. And I have it here, we probably won’t go into detail of it all, but we will have it posted obviously when the patch does actually hit.”

Diablo 4 is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Make sure you read our full review here.

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  • Rinoa Reinheart 21 June 2023

    Hey will you get stuff fixed before you send out games? Isnt that what you have testers for? It gets annoying when you spend money on a game and even passives dont work. Like combustion on sorcerer. People spend money for these things to work and shouldnt have to wait. Thake the time and do work properly please.

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