First Real Photo of PS5 DualShock 5 Surfaces Online
"The photo reveals a new trackpad design and much more."

Up to now, all we have seen of the upcoming PS4 DualShock 5 are patents and renders. It seems the first real photograph of the controller has surfaced online. The photo was taken by a cleaner named Patrick who spotted the PS5 dev kit and DualShock 5 controller on the counter of an office he was working in. Patrick then snapped a couple of pictures of the hardware and sent them to a friend. This friend then uploaded them to Reddit.

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While the images don’t show the complete controller, this is no doubt a new version of the PS5 DualShock 5 and aligns with the patent Sony filed a couple of months ago.  You can see clearly this by the larger trackpad and smaller home button. The overall controller looks a lot larger too indicating an increase in size to make up for the larger trackpad which has been rumoured to be an LCD screen. The trackpad also protrudes off the top of the controller instead of wrapping around the back like the current model.

PS5 DualShock 5

The trackpad also seems to have four extruded points on each corner of the button which could be used to make it easier to find when using the pad. Lastly, there seems to be two holes at the bottom of the controller which are also seen on the patent diagram. The DualShock 5 is also missing all logos and button images indicating to be a prototype.

Keep in mind that if this photo is real then this device is most likely just the prototype version of the DualShock 5 controller being used for development purposes. Things could change completely before it is released to the public. Real or not, it is always great to see what we could be holding in our hands later this year.

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