The Batman Trailer Features Catwoman, Riddler and The Penguin

The Batman Matt Reeves Movie Delay
The Batman Trailer Features Catwoman, Riddler and The Penguin

The first teaser trailer for Matt Reeves The Batman movie arrived during the DC FanDome event. It is one of DC’s most anticipated movies and the trailer delivers some rather grim scenes. Considering the film’s production was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trailer has a lot to show.

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Like all Batman movies, Gotham City seems to be running wild with crime once again. The trailer reveals that The Batman movie includes a range of villains out to get the Gotham Knight including Riddler, and The Penguin. Both of which are present in the trailer. The story takes place two years into Bruce Wayne’s career as the caped crusader and this is a key plot point for the entire film.

Matt Reeves explains that “Batman isn’t Batman yet, and there are people who are afraid of him.”

The trailer introduces some key characters including James Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. In addition, Andy Serkis’ Alfred makes an appearance but only through his voice in the trailer. Of course, there’s also The Ridder and The Penguin who are both very early into their own criminal careers.

One big reveal from the trailer is Bruce Wayne’s lack of polish. We know the character to be a rich playboy. However, in the trailer, he seems to be the complete opposite. Robert Pattinson plays a goth, rugged Bruce. This most likely feeds into how his early career came to be.

You can watch The BatmanĀ  teaser trailer down below. The film is expected to release on 1 October 2021 if production goes well. Catch up on the other DC FanDome announcements including the Suicide Squad game, Wonder Woman 1984 trailer and the new Gotham Knights video game.

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