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Fishkeeper Lets You Create Your Dream Aquarium

Growing up in the 2000s meant spending a lot of time playing simulator games. From managing hospitals to running theme parks, it was a pure joy to be a child and create your dream simulation. A big aspect of these games came from aquarium simulators. Games such as Aquazone Virtual Aquarium, Fish Tycoon and of course let’s not forget Feeding Frenzy. The best part about these games was the ability to modify your tank, breed your fish and use them as a desktop screensaver in your home (ah – the good old days). Well, the developers at Blinkclick Games are looking to revive the classic aquarium genre but with a spin. Fishkeeper is a gorgeous aquarium simulator which aims to steal you away for hours on end.


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By the sound of things, Fishkeeper will follow traditional simulator gameplay. You start off with a basic aquarium, make it look pretty and purchase some fish all according to your non-existent budget. However, as players progress through the game, they will master their economy by building multiple aquariums, auctioning off rare fish breeds and of course, keeping track of all the systems that are in place in the game.

Blinkclick Games Fishkeeper

This includes keeping your fish and other animals happy, tending to the tank, feeding the right food to the correct fish and buying better equipment and building stronger tanks. Blinkclick Games says that Fishkeeper will include a massive range of both freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish, shrimps, snails, plants and corals. All of this contributes to the overall gameplay and influences the things around it.

Let’s not forget the biosystem which Blinkclick Games claims will feature different stages of life including watching something grow from an egg to a fry and all the way to a fully-developed adult. If players manage to breed and raise rare fish, these breeds will sell for a good fortune at an auction.

Blinkclick Games Fishkeeper

Blinkclick Games have also included a bathyscaphe which players can not only customise but they can also use it to swim around their tank and live among the fishes. Players can improve this underwater vehicle by increasing its battery life, speed and adjusting its modular design. You can then swim around, take photos of your collection and clean the tank at the same time.

I love me a simulator. Be it a park, city or even a farm one. Fishkeeper definitely looks like something I could get lost in for hours on end. Especially if you remotely enjoy the idea of fish or even own a fish tank. This lets you enjoy fish without having to spend hours cleaning the tank.  Blinkclick games plan on releasing Fishkeeper on PC later in 2021. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game today on Steam. Take a look at the full gameplay demo down below.

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