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Five Lord of the Rings Games to Release by Early 2024

Embracer Group says it plans to release at least five games based on The Lord of the Rings by early 2024 or within its fiscal year 2023/24, ending in April next year. One of those games is almost certainly The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, but the other games are a mystery right now. It’s also unclear if some of them will be smaller mobile titles or large AAA games, but Embracer Group says all of these projects are currently in development by external partners.

Speaking during its latest financial report, Embracer Group confirmed that it had plans to release a handul of Lord of the Rings games by April 2024. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is likely one of those games since it’s expected to launch sometime between April and September 2023. The other titles haven’t been announced yet but we can expect to see them in the coming months and find out who the developers are.

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“There are currently five games in production by external partners, to be released in the financial year 2023/24,” said Embracer Group’s report. The company acquired Middle-earth Enterprises a while ago, stating that it “has generated a lot of interest among both internal and external partners for the Lord of the Rings IP, across different media formats.”

The Lord of the Rings franchise has a long history in video games, dating back to before Peter Jackson’s blockbuster movie adaptations. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment published several notable games using the IP, including the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games.

The remaining four projects haven’t been announced yet and we’re left in the dark about which developers took on the IP. If some of them will be AAA projects, then we can expect those to be revealed sooner rather than later if Embracer Group wants to stick to its plans of having five titles out by early next year.

Source: Embracer Group

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