Five Nights at Freddy's Live-Action Movie Teaser Trailer Online

Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Projected to Become Big Box Office Hit

The live-action Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, based on the series of popular indie horror games from Scott Cawthon, is expected to become a massive box office hit when it releases in cinemas this weekend. The adaptation has been highly anticipated by the FNAF community and after a few trailers, it looks like it might deliver on its creepy premise.

According to Deadline, the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is expected to have the second-best opening this Fall behind the recently released Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and potentially one of the biggest openings of the year for a horror movie. Presales have already earned the movie $11 million and when placed against its $20 million budget, it’s set to recoup its costs and earn a decent profit this weekend at the box office. That’s also assuming that it’s a critical success as well.

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Universal Pictures is confident that Five Nights at Freddy’s will do well. It’s currently slated to appear in 3,500 cinemas worldwide. All that’s left is for the movie to also land with critics as the first reviews are expected to drop tomorrow – a day before release.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie follows a night shift security guard named Mike Schmidt (played by Josh Hutcherson) who is advised by his career counselor, Steve Raglan (played by Matthew Lillard) to take up a job at the defunct Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which was the site of several gruesome child murders several years ago.

It’s suspected that Lillard actually plays the primary villain of the series, the serial killer William Afton, and might be using a fake alias in the movie. Lillard was initially cast as Afton before the movie’s notes changed it to Steve Raglan, potentially to mask the surprise.

Five Nights at Freddy’s releases on 27 October 2023 in cinemas. It will also be available for streaming on Peacock.

Source: Deadline

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