Five of the greatest video game villains of recent years


It’s almost a staple to have an evil, genius and ruthless antagonist in games these days. Be it an actual person or some supernatural force or even an artificial intelligence unit, villains are everywhere and sometimes games aren’t complete without one. Sometimes villains aren’t realized until the very end of a game or DLC and this is what makes some of them even better. That being said, there are obviously some games whose villains are more deceiving and devious than others, and in my opinion, these masterminds deserve some attention and praise, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here today. So without further ado, here are our top 5 villains of the recent age. Be sure to give the video a watch to see these awesome characters in action. 

Possible spoilers follow

Gherman – Bloodborne

Now as a huge fan of the souls-borne series this one was an absolute beauty of a betrayal. Gherman is represented in Bloodborne as an old frail man who serves somewhat as a guide for the hunter when they are in the hunter's dream. As time progresses you learn more about Gherman and his intentions which climaxes in a chilling cutscene where he reveals the truth about his role in the nightmare. He offers you an easy way out, aka a swift execution or you can resist him and commence an epic battle in a field of flowers with one of the most beautiful battle soundtracks in the game. Gherman was one of those that you never expected to come out as a villain or at least a villain-like person and to me this is awesome! 

Oryx – Destiny: The Taken King

Anyone that played destiny up until the Taken King expansion will know the story. You took a sword and smashed Crota in the head a couple times now and he’s dead. And his daddy isn’t happy about that. But I mean you can’t really blame the guy. So he shows up in the solar system and everything just goes south. He begins conquering the different races including the fallen and cabal. He proceeds to terrorize pretty much all of life in the solar system and we are sent to stop him. Long story short, we board his Dreadnought ship and kill him, well, kinda kill him. The only way to really kill a taken god is in their Ascendant Realm. And that’s where the Kings Fall Raid comes in. You end up defeating Oryx in the raid and killing a few of his sisters in the process. By the end of it, you’ve basically killed the entire family. Except for Nokris. We still want to know where he is. I just personally loved Oryx as a character and everything he was about. 

Rafe – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Rafe and Nathan can be traced pretty far back as in Uncharted 4 there were a few flashback moments where you get an insight of both Rafe and Nathan as younger kids and it’s there that you see how much of a bad person Rafe has always been. Rafe was always a power hungry fool and continued to be throughout the entire game. He kinda had it easy as he inherited all of his dad's wealth and become a serious d-bag because of this. With all of this wealth, he was able to hire Nadine Ross and her army, Shoreline, to help search for the mythical pirate treasures of Libertalia. The explosive climax comes when Nathan and Rafe have an epic showdown on burning ship. It’s a pretty awesome cinematic and a fitting end to the friendship in my opinion. 

Olivia Pierce – DOOM

One thing that especially stood out for me from the recent Doom reboot was the introduction of the villainous Olivia Pierce. The original game was fantastic and all but the absence of a true antagonist was something that really made a big difference. Olivia Pierce is nothing special when it comes to a villain. She has an evil idea and she will do anything for that plan to go through. But the way it’s all executed makes it really special, she’s ruthless and isn’t afraid to casually slaughter countless beings. As the game is coming to a close, Olivia is transformed into the spider mastermind by the very creatures she was fighting for and it honestly does make for an awesome twist and boss battle. If you’re a fan of the Doom series, you’d know that this spider has been a staple in the Doom series bosses. 

Slave Knight Gael – Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City

At number 1 we have Slave Knight Gael from Dark Souls 3. Now as I’ve mentioned I’m a huge souls-borne fan and the discovery of what Slave Knight Gael really is, was literally a jaw dropper. You’re introduced to Gael in the first DLC, The Painted World of Ariandel. He just seems to be a lowly knight sent as a guide to direct you the right way. You encounter him a few times throughout the first and second DLC where he will drop tidbits of dialogue but it’s not until the end of the second DLC that Slave Knight Gael really becomes one of my favourite plot twists around. His ultimate goal from the very beginning was to travel through the lands and consume souls to feed his hunger for power. He goes to the Ringed City in search of the Dark Soul for a source of ultimate power and does find some through his consumptions of the pygmies and other beings. The setting, the boss and the soundtrack make this one of my all-time favourite boss showdowns. And that’s saying a lot seeing as there have been so many epic battles in the past. 

Do you agree with this list? Are there any villains that you are especially fond of? Let us know in the comments below. 

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