Super Mario Bros Wonder

F**k You Flowers Added to Modded Copies of Super Mario Bros Wonder

Nintendo has quickly taken action over a Super Mario Bros Wonder mod which adds swearing to the game. If you don’t know, the game is filled with talking flowers. As you explore different levels, these flowers say all sorts of things. Be it hints as to where the Wonder Seeds are hidden or just motivational words of encouragement. A modder thought these words were a little too light-hearted and replaced them with F-bombs instead.

Of course, these mods have arrived just days before the game’s launch. They have also been made possible due to the game’s recent leak which saw the ROM for Super Mario Bros Wonder hit the internet. This allows players to emulate the game and load into onto their Switch consoles illegally.

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The video of the F**k you flowers went viral on Twitter before Nintendo issued a DMCA takedown. It only managed to stay up for about a day before the company pulled it down. So at the moment, there’s no way to show you what it looked like. However, I did watch it beforehand and it was pretty hilarious.

The video showed Mario exiting the first level’s pipe only to be greeted by a flower screaming “F**K YOU! As he walked past the flower again, it repeated the words. The modder claims this was possible thanks to the leaked game ROM. He then found the sound files and replaced them with a F**k You! sound byte.

If you wait a day or so, these videos will likely hit the internet again. Once the game is officially launched, Nintendo should calm down a little on the copyright strikes. However, the company might still go after these videos due to the legal issues related to game modding. We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can also just keep an eye on the modder’s Twitter page in case it is uploaded again.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases on Nintendo Switch on 20 October. We reviewed the game and loved it saying “Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes simplicity and turns it into pure joy”. You can read our full review of the game here and watch it down below.

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