Flying Taxis Will Be Our Mode Of Transport In 10 Years According To Intel
Flying Taxis
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Flying taxis could be one of our many modes of transportation for the future according to Head of Drones at Intel, Anil Nanduri. He believes that drone innovation will lift off in the next few years to such a progressive point, where flying taxis and cars are not merely exotic gadgets for tech enthusiasts, but becomes a mainstream form of transportation.

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Elon Musk reckons cars will be in underground tunnels in the future, but Anil Nanduri believes that it’s cheaper to have flying taxis and cars than to put them in tunnels under big cities.

Anil Nanduri reckons cars will be taking flight in the next five years already, noting that they solve some of the issues conventional road cars have today. He believes it’s also cheaper to put cars in the sky than to have them on roads or tunnels because there’s less need for physical infrastructure.

There will definitely be flights with flying cars in five years. At scale? Probably not. But definitely you’ll see them starting to be up in the sky. The most amazing thing about autonomous air traffic is that airspace solves the three-dimensional challenge that the ground traffic is faced with.

In 10 years time, Intel wants to make flying taxis an accessible form of transportation for the general public. When asked about the many hurdles faced with bringing flying transportation to the general public, on a daily basis, he noted that there’s still work to be done. Some of the issues faced with drones currently are that they have poor battery life, they could get stuck without technical assistance, they’re super noisy, and the technology is underdeveloped and expensive.

In 2018, Intel showed off an autonomous passenger drone at CES called the Volocopter, which means Intel is very close to reaching new heights in urban mobility.

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Companies like Uber, agree that the future will have flying taxis and flying cars, with Uber aiming to launch its flying offering, Uber Air, by 2023.

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Who will win the race to bring out the first commercial flying taxis? Only the future will tell and we’re definitely along for the exciting ride.






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