Foamstars Announced as First February PlayStation Plus Game

Square Enix has announced that its upcoming 4v4 Splatoon clone, Foamstars will headline PlayStation Plus in February. The game will launch on 6 February and be released for PlayStation Plus on the same day.

Foamstars was announced during the September PlayStation State of Play stream. It is undoubtedly inspired by Nintendo’s Splatoon. Players run across arenas covering them in foam while fighting off other players.

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At launch on 6 February, Foamstars will have three game modes. There’s Smash The Star, Happy Bath Survival and Rubber Duck Party.

Smash The Star – Work together to knock out the Star Player

Win by taking down the opposition’s designated Star Player. After defeating 7 players from the opposing team, one of the remaining players will be granted several buffs and appointed the Star Player. Work together to fight to overwhelm their Star Player while protecting your own!

Happy Bath Survival – A crazy battle in and out of the arena!

Featuring split teams with half inside the arena and half outside of reach for each round, competing to take down the opposing team’s players inside the arena first. Outside players can assist their teammates with defensive foam, while inside players fight up close for victory.

Rubber Duck Party – Fight to dance on the duck and reach the goal!

Get ready for a foam party like no other! Teams must race to the centre of the stage and fight for possession of the rubber duck, as climbing aboard will advance it to the opposition’s goal. Dancing on the duck’s head will make it sprint towards the finish line to win the match.

Solo and Co-Op Missions

For those who don’t want to play the 4v4 PvP mode, Foamstars also comes with a Mission Mode which is playable solo or in co-op with friends. In this mode, players will fight off Bubble Beasties as they attempt to invade the Bath Vegas. In this mode, players can use any of the six playable characters and learn to master their abilities and playstyle.

Foamstars also launches with Squad Mission – a cooperative mode where teams of up to three take on challenging objectives. During missions, players can upgrade their Foamstars with different perks increasing various stats to take on the next onslaught.

Rewards and Premium Pass

Of course, you didn’t think Foamstars would just be a free game on PlayStation Plus without any extra purchases, did you? The game has its own premium pass system where players unlock cosmetic rewards for their characters. The premium pass gives you access to rewards outside of the free track. There are also various challenges you can participate in across “Anytime, Weekly and Daily” to earn XP to progress the pass.

Square Enix says Foamstars will get a full year of content with more upcoming seasons (and paid passes). Each new pass comes with a new character and paying for the pass gives you instant access to the character.

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