Foldable Huawei Mate X Smartphone Announced – Sleeker Yet Pricier Than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold
Huawei Mate X
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It used to be Apple and Samsung at the helm against each other but it seems that the era of the foldable smartphone now sees Samsung and Huawei head to head to see who can make the best device.

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At the MWC last night, Huawei announced the Huawei Mate X, a fully foldable smartphone that unlike the Galaxy Fold, unfolds outwards. 

The Huawei Mate X has a display of 8-inches when unfolded and when closed the Huawei Mate X’s screen is 6.8-inches and 6.6-inches.

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Huawei is boasting a pretty thin device and even directly comparing it to “another foldable device” during their press conference which is clearly the Galaxy Fold. The Huawei Mate X is 11mm thick when closed. The Galaxy Fold is 17mm thick at its widest point. 

The Huawei Mate X also has a triple-camera system on the outer edge along with a fingerprint scanner and unlock button. The camera system is the same Leica system found in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The Huawei Mate X is equipped with Balong 5,000 5G, a Kirin 980 CPU and 8GBs of RAM making it the “world’s fastest 5G smartphone, according to Huawei. The device features 4,500mAh battery and supports 55W SuperCharge that allows users to charge up to 85% of their battery in just 30 minutes. 

While it does boast a sleeker design, it is not as cheap as you would have hoped. The Huawei Mate X will retail for $2,600 and be available in mid-2019. 

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