Forget Energy Drinks, XPG Gamer’s Gum is Caffeine Chewing Gum Made for Gamers

ADATA XPG Gaming Chewing Gum Gamer's Gum
Forget Energy Drinks, XPG Gamer’s Gum is Caffeine Chewing Gum Made for Gamers

Gamers seem to be treated differently when it comes to supplements and energy drinks. According to brands, we need our own range of products to choose from when looking for caffeine-related energy boosters. Well, you can now stop mixing all your X-Energy drinks and instead of rushing to the toilet because you have downed a litre of oversweet water, you can simply pop a chewing gum into your mouth. ADATA XPG has announced what they are calling “XPG Gamer’s Gum” designed to give gamers a boost with chewable caffeine.


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The XPG Chewing Gum includes a load of ingredients which are said to enhance your focus and of course, keep you awake and energized. In addition to the caffeine, the XPG Chewing Gum includes a vitamin called Lutein which according to the company is beneficial for eye health. Keep in mind that this XPG Chewing Gum won’t replace your blue light glasses as it remains to be seen if the product can substitute for proper eye care.

XPG originally teased their chewing gum in March last year. However, the product has officially been announced as part of CES 2021. While there’s no word on pricing and availability just yet, this announcement nudges the snack closer and closer to a public release.

ADATA XPG does have some competition though. Razer already produces their own gamer gum called RESPAWN by 5. The product combines green tear extract with vitamin B to improve focus and deliver a long-lasting taste. XPG wants to take this a step further by making a gum with caffeine – something the Razer RESPAWN by 5 lacks. If they get this right, they could be onto something big.

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