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Former Rockstar Boss Explains Why a GTA Movie Never Got Made

The controversial video game series Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Games seems like it might lend itself well to a movie adaptation, considering that it’s already heavily inspired by other media like The Godfather, Goodfellas and Miami Vice and also has a cinematic quality to its cutscenes and voice acting. However, a former Rockstar boss has now spoken up about why a GTA movie never got made in the first place.

Speaking to The Ankler in a recent interview, Rockstar Games co-founder and former head writer Dan Houser revealed why a GTA movie never happened. It turns out that multiple conversations were had with studio executives about potentially turning the beloved franchise into a movie, though Houser apparently kept asking “Why would we do this?”

He later explained that by giving studios the rights to make a Grand Theft Auto movie, it would mean Rockstar wouldn’t have any say in its production, which was obviously quite a big risk:

“No, what you’ve described is you making a movie and us having no control and taking a huge risk that we’re going to end up paying for with something that belongs to us. They thought we’d be blinded by the lights, and that just wasn’t the case. We had what we considered to be multi-billion-dollar IP, and the economics never made sense. The risk never made sense. In those days, the perception was that games made poor-quality movies.”

Nowadays, video game movies are getting considerably better (we’ve got a list going over the top 10 live-action video game movies). Understandably, times were different back when the GTA franchise was just starting to boom in the early 2000s following the releases of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. Hollywood studios are now more confident in involving the game creators in projects but back then, making a GTA movie without the creative input or supervision of Rockstar would’ve likely spelled disaster.

Source: The Ankler

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