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Forspoken Demo Announcement Leaked

Forspoken will get its own demo. While it has yet to be announced, it seems the Japanese PlayStation Account leaked the reveal ahead of the news. The demo trailer is set to go live tomorrow during The Game Awards 2022 show but the Japanese account accidently posted the tweet early.

We don’t know what exactly is going to be in this Forspoken demo. We also don’t know when the demo will be available to play. However, at least we do know that there is a demo coming our way. Forspoken has been in the news of late but not due to its positive praise. The game’s boring protagonist and bland gameplay have made headlines over the past few months.

Sure, Forspoken looks like it is going to be a technical marvel with insanely fast load times and some incredible-looking visuals. Apart from that, the gameplay has been somewhat underwhelming. Gamers have criticised the game world for being empty. Many believe that from what we have seen so far, all you do it run around an uninspired world and fight the odd enemy here and there.

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The game’s protagonist has also been under fire for being cringe and cliche. She swears for no reason during combat and the game’s dialogue isn’t looking great either. A few months back, Square Enix released a trailer for Forspoken that went viral only due to how horribly the writing was.

All these warning signs aren’t great for Square Enix’s new high-budget IP. So this demo news is a good sign that players can at least get their hands on the title before launch. We just hope the demo isn’t locked to pre-orders because that will be yet another giant red flag.

Forspoken is set to launch on PC and PS5 on 24 January 2023.

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