Forspoken Square Enix Final Fantasy XVI Delay 2022

Forspoken Features Ray-Tracing, Upgraded Global Illumination and More

Forspoken might have been delayed to October but the game aims to deliver some of the first new PC tech on the market. In an interview with Luminous Productions, Lead Graphics Programmer Keiji Matsuda chatted about the game’s more advanced visual features which aim to usher in a new experience for players running on PS5 and especially high-end PCs.

We already know that Forspoken will make use of Microsoft’s new Direct Storage tech on PC. The tech aims to deliver almost instantaneous loading times and will bring PC loading in video games on par, if not faster than PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Forspoken is one of the first games to be developed using the Direct Storage tech.

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Keiji Matsuda went on to chat about the other visual features in Forspoken. He says ray-tracing has allowed the team to generate shadows that are crisper, cleaner and of a higher quality compared to shadows created using shadow maps in the past. Matsuda says shadows are now also softer and will somewhat replicate the lighting solutions we see in the real world.

Forspoken is also using an overhauled Global Illumination system. Luminous Productions initially implemented this system into the game right from the start. It allows the team to finely tune how the game’s global lighting affects the world around it. This includes environmental changes and even how buildings absorb this light from the outside and scatter it into the building through windows.

There was a lot of technical talk during the interview. However, those who enjoy this sort of breakdown will find something interesting to take home with them. We also need to keep in mind that Luminous Productions uses its own in-house engine so this is a great sign of things to come from the studio going forward. Catch up on the video below. Forspoken is set to launch on 11 October on PC and PS5.

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