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Forspoken Looks Pretty Boring in New Gameplay Video

Square Enix hasn’t shied away from showing off Forspoken. However, up to now, all we have seen are flashy trailers that are heavily scripted and edited to showcase the best of the game. Last night, a new four-minute gameplay video went live for Forspoken. This new video shows off actual unedited gameplay and from what I gather, it looks rather dull and boring.

Not to mention that the gameplay video is also suffering from some major performance issues. There are animation problems with the main character and even the enemies jitter around the screen while they run around. In general, it just doesn’t look like a game you would spend R1429 on. Especially given that Forspoken has been deemed one of the most expensive games to ever release in the market.

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Forspoken is being created by Luminous Productions. This is a big deal as the studio is made up of the same people who worked on Final Fantasy XV. Not only does Forspoken have big shoes to fill but the game is also a true test of what the Luminous Engine is capable of on the PS5. The gameplay preview does a decent job showcasing the game’s visuals but it’s far from perfect. The world is empty and lifeless with enemies scattered around the area here and there to fight.

The player runs around, fights enemies and moves onto the next marathon to get to the next area. For the most part, the combat seemingly carries the experience in Forspoken as the player can use a range of magic spells and abilities to fight the people and monsters in the game. However, even the combat moments shown in this trailer seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is all about the player simply walking around in a circle shooting enemies before they get too close.

Square Enix also says that Forspoken isn’t a loot RPG so you won’t be exploring the world to find items and the best gear. Instead, you’ll be farming materials to use at your crafting bench in order to make new cloaks, necklaces and “nail attachments”. Frey can equip these to enhance a range of stats and abilities.

Frey can also get on your nerves. Square Enix says that the main premise for Forspoken is like a “hip-hop walk” and Frey isn’t scared to curse and swear as much as possible in the game. Even during the gameplay demo, you can hear her say “fuck, shit and fuck off” quite often as she casts a spell. She can’t be that annoyed at the five human soldiers coming at her that she needs to curse while casting a spell that clearly has an advantage in combat. Right?

I don’t know how I feel about Forspoken at the moment. This video didn’t leave a good impression and instead, showed off some rather stale gameplay and an empty world. How long can you run around a giant open world before things get boring? We can only hope there are things to keep us busy with during the in-between moments.

Forspoken is set to launch in May next year so there is still a lot we probably haven’t seen yet from the game. I just hope this isn’t a glorified tech demo because we’re now into the second year of “next-gen” and need actual games.

Check out the gameplay video down below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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