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Forspoken Protagonist’s Dialogue Can be Adjusted in the Menu

Earlier last month, publisher Square Enix released a short promotional video for Forspoken that became the subject of ridiculing online due to its terrible dialogue. Developer Luminous Productions seems to be well aware of its reception and in a welcomed move, revealed that Forspoken‘s chatty protagonist, Frey, and her dialogue with her Cuff can actually be adjusted and toned down in the options menu.

In an interview with Eurogamer recently, Forspoken‘s creative producer Raio Mitsuo spoke about the backlash surrounding the game’s infamous promotional video, saying “it was unexpected to see the reactions to the social media post.” He later admitted that “some of the memes are actually pretty funny, so [he] got a good laugh out of it.”

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Ritsuo added that players will have the option to actually adjust the frequency of Frey and her Cuff’s conversations. “In terms of the conversations between Frey and Cuff, the frequency that they talk to each other can be adjusted from the accessibility menu,” said Ritsuo.

Forspoken came under fire when it released the short but now notorious promotional video, featuring Frey’s jarring dialogue that many felt didn’t suit the tone of the trailer or any of the actions happening on-screen. Plenty of memes followed, but it looks like Luminous Productions is paying close attention to what’s being said about its upcoming game and making the necessary adjustments.

Forspoken was originally pinned to launch in 2022 but was delayed to January 2023 in order to give the team more development time. The game recently received a lengthy 10-minute gameplay trailer showing some of the game’s flashy combat, exploration and enemies.

Forspoken releases on 24 January 2023 for PS5 and PC. It’s unknown if the game will come to other consoles as PlayStation currently has an exclusivity deal in place with Square Enix.

Source: Eurogamer

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