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Forspoken Video Shows Substantially Downgraded Visuals

Forspoken is just over a month away from launch. The open-world spellcasting RPG is set to release on 24 January for PS5 and sadly, its reputation isn’t holding up well at all. From its cringe antagonist and writing which has gamers asking for a mute toggle to its mediocre-looking gameplay. Forspoken has struggled to gain popularity for the right reasons. The latest batch of bad news comes in the form of a gameplay video put together by ElAnalistaDeBits where they show off how drastically downgraded the visuals are in the latest demo compared to the earlier gameplay videos.

Of course, downgraded visuals are nothing new in gaming. Most of the time video game visuals change in some way or another between the initial announcement trailer and the actual game launch. However, Forspoken’s gameplay is hard to miss. It makes us wonder if Square Enix was simply buttering gamers up with the flashy visuals at first in order to secure pre-orders (it is one of the most expensive games we have ever seen launch in SA)

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Almost every single aspect of the game has changed from a visual standpoint since its initial 2020 trailer to the demo which is now available on PS5. The video shows off how the vegetation on the ground is basically nonexistent in the demo whereas the trailer initially showed a lush, vibrant world filled with thousands of plants and rocks scattered around the landscape.

Even Frey has changed in comparison to the reveal trailer. The way she moves in the demo isn’t as fluid as the initial gameplay. Her cloak flops around her instead of flowing seamlessly with her movements. The world, in general, is empty and the landscapes in the distance lack detail and excitement.

Square Enix does state in the demo that the content isn’t accurately representing what the game will look like at launch. However, given that the game is just a month away, I highly doubt it is going to change before release. Again, downgraded visuals are nothing new but this takes them to a whole new level.

Check out the Forspoken video down below. The first portion of the video shows the downgraded game while the rest of the video touches on the game’s performance and visuals across the different modes on PS5.

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