Fortnite Account Merger Is Here, But It’s A Bit Of A Mission
Fortnite Account Merger
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When Fortnite first launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, one of the initial requests from players was the ability to merge their accounts on different platforms. Now, Fortnite account merger is finally possible, but it requires some patience from you.

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Although cross-play between different gaming platforms were quickly introduced in the game, your Fortnite account on different platforms was still separated. This meant that progress on one platform didn’t carry over to another platform. Now, Epic Games has brought out a tool which allows you to merge your Fortnite account across various platforms.

This Fortnite account merger tool gives Fortnite players a single login for all of the platforms. There’s one catch though. The process of unifying your Fortnite account across the various platforms can take up to two weeks. It also takes a bit of effort on your part, so be patient.

How Fortnite Account Merger Works

Firstly, players are required to select two accounts:

  • A Primary Account that you want to continue using; and
  • A Secondary Account that you wish to merge with your Primary Account and then disable.

Your Secondary Account will be merged with your Primary Account, giving you a single login across all platforms. This means all your Fortnite Cosmetic Items, V-Bucks and progress will be transferred to your Primary Account.

Remember, the Fortnite account merger process takes up to two weeks to complete.

Some Important Info

To be able to use the Fortnite account merger tool, one of your accounts must have been played on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and the other account on PlayStation 4, before 28 September 2018.

Obviously, your Fortnite account shouldn’t be currently banned or disabled and should be an active account.

Fortnite Items like Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands, and Save The World account level and progress won’t be merged over from your Secondary Account.

Are you going to make use of this new Fortnite account merger tool?






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