For those of you who don’t know, Fortnite has been offline for over two days now after the game was literally sucked up through a black hole causing a blackout. There’s no doubt the Fortnite black hole will bring about Chapter 2 alongside Season 11 which has already leaked ahead of the official reveal.

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However, during the downtime parents and kids are having a rough time coming to terms with a world without Fortnite. The game has never been down for so long and if you log in, it just hangs at the start screen without loading a match or any gameplay.

Parents, being confused about the whole fiasco have reached out to Fortnite customer support to log faults for the game to be told that this black hole is actually a staged event and the game is not broken. Many parents actually believe the game is dead and are concerned about their child’s emotional behaviour due to the blackout.

One Twitter user posted a video (could be staged) of their child having a tantrum due to the inability to play the game.

Another posted an image of a very unhappy child that came on from school, did not even change out their uniform and found Fortnite offline.

The best one of all has to be this guy that tries hard to look into the “void” while pressing all the buttons on his controller in hopes that is does something to bring the game back to life.

Fortnite is down for now as Epic Games prepares to launch Chapter 2 featuring new gameplay, items to collect, a new map and much more. You can check out the leaked trailer for the game down below. If you are a parent reading this, don’t stress. This Fortnite blackout break is good for your child and your V-Bucks is safe.

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