Fortnite Brings Back Building But Keeps Build-Free Mode Too

"The best of both worlds"

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Fortnite Brings Back Building But Keeps Build-Free Mode Too

A few weeks back Epic Games removed the building feature from Fortnite. While some players enjoyed the lack of building in the battle royale, other players thought it was a controversial move that would in turn divide players. It did exactly that. Thankfully, everyone can now calm down because the building feature is back in Fortnite and things are back to normal… Well, sort of.

The combat-focused, zero-build mode is still available in the game. However, for now, the game modes (one with building and one without) now live side by side allowing players to matchmake across both of them depending on how they feel.

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Both the Fortnite building mode and non-build mode feature regular queues meaning players can matchmake for Solo, Duos, Trios and Squad Battles across both modes.

Fornite was made popular by its building features. The ability to collect resources and build defensive structures across the map while fighting other players made the game a standout amongst the battle royale crowd. That is why the removal of the feature had everyone asking questions.

In a way, the lack of building helped balance the game out a bit. However, players who have mastered the feature felt a bit lost when it packed up and left on 20 March. Thankfully, it is now back and you can jump in and make all those towers all over again. Epic Games hasn’t shared any specific details on the two split modes. Nor has the company shared when the no-build mode is going away. Maybe it is here to stay? Who knows at this point?

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