Fortnite Cheater Booed by World Cup Crowd After Being Eliminated From Tournament
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You know you are doing something wrong when you get booed off stage and the crowd cheers when you lose and ultimately get kicked out of a tournament. A pair of Fortnite World Cup competitors which were previously banned for cheating suffered this public humiliation during the Fortnite World Cup after losing their match and getting booted out of the tournament.

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XXiF was participating in Saturday’s Fortnite World Cup duos tournament alongside his partner Ranaldo. XXiF was shown off on the stadium’s big screen which triggered the crowd booing him. The booing crowd got louder and louder until 100 Thieves, another competitor, eliminated him.

You can see the public humiliation down below as users recorded the events and posted it on Twitter.

Epic Games banned XXiF and Ronaldo for 14 days after it was discovered the players arranged easy eliminations with other contestants during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. The team, however, still managed to qualify for the finals after their ban ended and they competed in the week 8 qualifier.

The team still managed to take the 28th spot which secured them $50,000 each in prize money but the Fortnite community is not happy about it. Users posted images on Reddit showing fans attending the show live wore “Lock XXiF Up” T-shirts to express their anger about the team still being part of the tournament even after cheating, or planning on anyway.

Epic Games has yet to comment on the situation.

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