Marshmello Fortnite Concert Was An Epic Success, With 10 Million Players
Fortnite Concert
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Fortnite likes to break barriers in gaming and bring its players new experience. The latest experience came in the form of a Marshmello Fortnite concert, and players thought it rocked.

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We reported last week that a Fortnite concert will be happening, featuring EDM DJ, Marshmello. It happened, and it was huge. Apparently, 10 million concurrent Fortnite players joined on Saturday (02 February) at Pleasant Park for the 10-minute EDM Fortnite concert by Marshmello.

The Fortnite concert had everything a real-life EDM concert usually has – a huge stage, lots of bright and colourful lights, big screens with psychedelic visuals, and concert-goers showing off their best, and wildest dance moves.

During the 10-minute EDM DJ set performed by Marshmello, weapons were disabled. This was to allow players to enjoy the Fortnite concert, without being taken out by other players. If you were taken out by another player trying to spoil your fun, you were able to respawn quickly, based on its team rumble mode.

As part of celebrating this first-ever Fortnite concert, Epic Games released a Marshmello skin, glider, emote, and a special three-challenge quest for players to earn a matching pickaxe and other items. Marshmello, in turn, also monetised on the concert. The EDM DJ is currently selling limited edition Marshmello/Fortntite merchandising on his site, which includes hoodies, pull-overs, and T-shirts.

Marshmello made history for being the first DJ to perform a live EDM set in Fortnite. Marshmello, who is a Fortnite fan himself, seems pretty chuffed with himself after he played the Fortnite concert.

You can have a look at the full 10-minute set below, it’s pretty epic.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Did you catch Marshmello’s EDM set in Fortnite during the event on Saturday? Did you think it’s a game changer for how we experience concerts? Share your experience/opinion in the comments section below.






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