Fortnite Could Have Been Cancelled Before it All Began

Everyone and their cat knows about Fortnite and how the game took the world by storm when the Battle Royale mode released. It is one of the biggest games ever created, but it could have all never even really begun. If you enjoy playing Fortnite, then you should thank Rod Fergusson for leaving Epic Games when he did as he would have cancelled the game.

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Years before the Fortnite explosion happened, Rod Fergusson was the Director of Production before leaving to work on BioShock Infinite. Mr Fergusson even made an attempt to ax the game before he left and if he stayed at Epic Games, he would have never let the game get released. This was all about the Save the World campaign, way before the Battle Royale mode was even in development, which would have never happened if Mr Fergusson got his way.

This news comes from GameInformer, who had an interview with Mr Fergusson at E3 2019. In the interview, Mr Fergusson said that:

I would have canceled Fortnite. Before I left I tried to cancel Fortnite. That game would not have passed my bar for something we should continue to keep going.

If the Save the World campaign for Fortnite never saw the light of day, the Battle Royale mode would have probably never been produced either. I can’t help but wonder what the gaming world would have been like without Fortnite.

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Check out the 2-minute video where Mr Fergusson talks about Fortnite below and then tell us what you think in the comment section.

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