Fortnite End-Of-Season 2 Event Delayed Along With Season 3 Launch

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Fortnite End-Of-Season 2 Event Delayed Along With Season 3 Launch

Epic Games has delayed its upcoming end-of-season live event in Fortnite by one week. The current Fortnite Season 2 was meant to end tomorrow. However, the one-time-only “The Device” live event will now take place on 6 June 2020. In addition,  Fortnite Season 2 will kick off on 11 June 2020 due to the delay.

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Epic Games did not reveal any reason as to why the delay has taken place. However, it could be related to the pressures brought on by COVID-19. Epic creative director Donald Mustard revealed that the studio currently has more than 1,000 people working from home due to the pandemic. While this is a large workforce, working from home comes with its own challenges too.

Despite the pandemic, Fortnite has been going smoothly this year. The developer managed to release a number of events including the Travis Scott concert. In addition, there was a live Diplo concert, an airing of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet trailer as well as a whole new party island mode. We don’t know what is in store for the Fortnite Season 2 ending “The Device” or what Epic has planned for next season but we can’t wait to see what happens.

Hopefully, the delay will deliver something exciting for players to witness. Could it be as exciting as the black hole event? We doubt it. However, keep the game on your radar as Season 3 may bring something new.

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