ACGL Fortnite #MythicRoyale – R30,000 Up For Grabs Powered by Redragon, and Sparkfox

Redragon, Sparkfox and the ACGL just announced the first season in a new local Fortnite tournament series called the #MythicRoyale. Kicking off from today and running until 27 February 2020, the tournament will see players compete for R30,000 in prizes during the season.

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Fortnite players across all platforms including PC, mobile, and console will be able to compete in the #MythicRoyale on a regular weekly basis in tournaments and daily match finders and gather ELO points as they play. Competing and placing in the top 60 of the ELO leaderboard will grant you a spot in the custom #MythicRoyale lobby finale.

The tournament will span a couple of months and rotate Solos, Duos, and Squad modes throughout the first season. Each finale will be streamed on the ACGL YouTube channel.

The following dates have been set aside for the monthly #MythicRoyale finales.

  •  Solo: 29 February
  • Duo: 28 March
  • Squad: 25 April
  • Solo: 30 May
  • Duo: 27 June


Players interested simply need to register for the monthly finale, sign up and compete in Fortnite cups for ELO, and use the Fortnite match finders to secure additional ELO for your ranking. Once you are placed in the top 60, you will then compete in the monthly finale to win your share of R30,000.

The ACGL will also be giving out a new #MythicRoyale avatar kit throughout the tournament. In order to unlock this limited avatar kit, you will need to complete the following tasks

  • Watch a Mythic Royale live stream
  • Comment on a Mythic Royale article
  • Play in one Fortnite tournament


Make sure to follow the #MythicRoyale on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with any changes to the tournament. Visit the ACGL site and page to register and find out more too.

Esports | ACGL Fortnite #MythicRoyale – R30,000 Up For Grabs Powered by Redragon, and Sparkfox
Esports | ACGL Fortnite #MythicRoyale – R30,000 Up For Grabs Powered by Redragon, and Sparkfox






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