Fortnite No-Build Feature is Reportedly Here to Stay

"People both love and hate the new mode"

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Fortnite No-Build Feature is Reportedly Here to Stay

Epic Games is currently hosting a limited-timed no-build mode for Fortnite. For those who don’t know, Fortnite relies heavily on building things as you run around a map, build towers and other shelters while defeating other players. If anything, the build feature in Fortnite made the battle royale what it is today. While some players have enjoyed the game since the build feature was removed, others haven’t. But it seems like the mode is here to stay.

According to Fortnite insider HYPEX, Epic Games plans on keeping the no-build mode in Fortnite but it will move to a separate mode sometime in the future.

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HYPEX claims that Epic Games already has no-build modes available in Fortnite that are waiting to be enabled. After this limited-timed event ends, Epic will keep the mode around but it won’t act as the primary experience in the game as it is now.

Epic has also changed the tooltips in Fortnite to clearly depict the difference between modes with building and modes without building enabled. The new tooltips read “in modes with building enabled”. This is a clear sign that Epic Games wants to keep the no-build feature around in Fortnite.

At the moment, the no-build mode is running due to the ongoing seasonal event. However, this event will end sometime in the future. At that time, users can expect the no-build mode to move into a separate matchmaking lineup where gamers can select the mode if they want to play it.

This move is most likely to help cater to new and existing players who prefer an old-school battle royale experience. If anything, the no-build mode has brought in new players who have always stayed away from Fortnite due to the reliance on the building.

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