Epic Games just launched a new, violence-free game mode for Fortnite. The new mode, called “Fortnite Party Royale” removes two of the game’s biggest features in favour of partying. The game mode takes place on a smaller map which Epic describes as an “experimental and evolving space.”

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Users can jump into the game right now and experience a new island that is full of cool things to do. This ranges from fast food joints, a beachfront and much more. Each area includes a series of activities such as vehicle-based challenges that involve players driving an ATV or piloting a boat across tough terrain.

Fortnite Party Royale

There’s also a Fortnite Party Royale outdoor dance club with bouncy mats, loud music and flashing lights. The map also includes a holographic theatre. The game mode includes some non-lethal gear like paint guns which can be purchased at vending machines. Users can also change their appearance at any time through a phone booth.

The whole Fortnite Party Royale island hints at possible events to come. Epic Games may use the party island to debut trailers for upcoming games, TV shows and more. It is a laid-back experience where users can chill out with friends and compete in fun activities. While the last-man-standing mode has been a staple for the series, this new Fortnite Party Royale mode may be a great escape from the traditional PvP. If Epic Games can find ways to utilize the space and draw players in, it could be a huge hit.

Epic Games hosted a Travis Scott concert over the past weekend that drew in over 27.7 million players. This new mode could be a great platform to easily share more of these events with players.

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