80 Million Fortnite Player Accounts at Risk With New Vulnerabilities
Fortnite player accounts
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Fortnite has around 80 million player accounts worldwide and it is one of the biggest active games on the market but that also means it is the one that will most likely come under attack from security research companies. Speaking of which, Check Point, a security research company have discovered vulnerabilities that would let hackers take full control of user accounts in the game.

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According to the report, attackers would be able to take over player accounts and gain access to their V-bucks, payment details in-game contacts and even gain the ability to record in-game conversations you have while playing the game. Possibly the worst of worst vulnerabilities all at once.

Check Point revealed that the flaws in the security of Fortnite were bad enough that all 80 million players would be affected by it without even luring players to a fake site or any sort of phishing exploit. The vulnerabilities mean that these account breaches will take place without any player interaction at all.

According to the researchers, the method to hack your account would be pretty straightforward and a single click on a malicious link would be enough to capture a player’s Fortnite authentication token without even logging into their account. The source of these vulnerabilities seems to be coming from Epic Games themselves as their domains are susceptible to these malicious redirects.

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that now that Epic Games is aware of the exploit, they will most likely find a way to stop it and so far, no one has been affected by the security flaw. The bad news is that with 80 million players, you would expect Epic Games to be a little more aware of this but it was the first time they heard of it after the research was done.






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